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Sr. No.Order/Registration No.CategoryTypeSize Sq FtClint Name
11259MIG2 BHK1000Sanjay Tripathi
21254MIG2 BHK1000Shivam Rajput
31249MIG2 BHK1000Mahima Mishra
41241MIG2 BHK1000Janaki Prasad Chaurasiya
51236MIG2 BHK1000Supriya Agarwal
61233MIG2 BHK1000Priya Dixit
71231MIG2 BHK1000Rimmi Pal
81223MIG2 BHK1000Ishita Singh
91183MIG2 BHK1000Priyanka Shrivastava
101174MIG2 BHK1000Princey Rastogi
111167MIG2 BHK1000Pritesh Singh
121154MIG2 BHK1000Pankaj Kumar
131127MIG2 BHK1000Namita Pandey
141121MIG2 BHK1000Babita Srivastava
151120MIG2 BHK1000Vandana Gupta
161100MIG2 BHK1000Nishi Jaiswal
171090MIG2 BHK1000Ayushi Singh
181082MIG2 BHK1000Alka Singh
191081MIG2 BHK1000Dipti Naval
20730MIG2 BHK1000Bimla Srivastava
21728MIG2 BHK1000Rani Gupta
22723MIG2 BHK1000Malvika Pandey
23709MIG2 BHK1000Ragini Shukla
24703MIG2 BHK1000Rani Bhatnagar
25702MIG2 BHK1000Vivek Pandey
26698MIG2 BHK1000Anand Kumar Gupta
27687MIG2 BHK1000Divya Singh
28669MIG2 BHK1000Neha Abrol
29661MIG2 BHK1000Shilpi Srivastava
30651MIG2 BHK1000Ritesh Srivastava
31645MIG2 BHK1000Atul Kumar Srivastava
32641MIG2 BHK1000AwdheshYadav
33638MIG2 BHK1000Krishna Kesarwani
34632MIG2 BHK1000Arun Chaturvedi
35631MIG2 BHK1000Santosh Kumar Gupta
36627MIG2 BHK1000Shweta Pandey
37625MIG2 BHK1000Shivani Rathore
38621MIG2 BHK1000Meera Pandey
39619MIG2 BHK1000Neelam Kumari
40617MIG2 BHK1000Rashmi Devi
41615MIG2 BHK1000Sanchita Shukla
42613MIG2 BHK1000Shashi Prabha
43610MIG2 BHK1000Sarita Trivedi
44607MIG2 BHK1000Manupal Singh
45604MIG2 BHK1000Shailendra Jaiswal
46601MIG2 BHK1000Divya Chaudhari
47597MIG2 BHK1000Urmila Yadav
48594MIG2 BHK1000Piyush Sharma
49592MIG2 BHK1000Saumya Dwivedi
50590MIG2 BHK1000Deep Singh
51589MIG2 BHK1000Ravi Rawat
52586MIG2 BHK1000Ankur Singh
53583MIG2 BHK1000Anil Chaudhari
54581MIG2 BHK1000Nidhi Agarwal
55578MIG2 BHK1000Garima Mishra
56576MIG2 BHK1000Hemant Mishra
57575MIG2 BHK1000Priyanka Singh
58571MIG2 BHK1000Paratibha Gupta
59570MIG2 BHK1000Ritu Srivastava
60568MIG2 BHK1000Manpreet Kaur
61567MIG2 BHK1000Karunesh Raghuvanshi
62563MIG2 BHK1000Manisha Pal
63561MIG2 BHK1000Rajdeep Cahubey
64559MIG2 BHK1000Rekha Rani
65555MIG2 BHK1000Pawan Mishra
66552MIG2 BHK1000Ravi Singh
67551MIG2 BHK1000Rohit Tegriwal
68549MIG2 BHK1000Govind Bisth
69547MIG2 BHK1000Vaishnavi Singh
70545MIG2 BHK1000Pawan Kumar
71544MIG2 BHK1000Dolly
72542MIG2 BHK1000Prashant Dubey
73539MIG2 BHK1000Ajay Kumar Mishra
74536MIG2 BHK1000Sakhi Yadav
75534MIG2 BHK1000Ajay Saxena
76531MIG2 BHK1000Tanvi Nagpal
77529MIG2 BHK1000Md Wasim
78527MIG2 BHK1000Nidhi Saxena
79525MIG2 BHK1000Pinku Swain
80524MIG2 BHK1000Naveen Kumar
81521MIG2 BHK1000yogita Saini
82520MIG2 BHK1000Rajesh Kumar
83518MIG2 BHK1000jain Awasthi
84516MIG2 BHK1000Jitendra Kumar
85514MIG2 BHK1000Sumit Rathor
86511MIG2 BHK1000Shivam Saxena
87509MIG2 BHK1000Diwakar Ray
88507MIG2 BHK1000Mamta Thakur
89505MIG2 BHK1000Neha Sharma
90504MIG2 BHK1000Deepak kumar Tiwari
91501MIG2 BHK1000Piyush Gupta
92400MIG2 BHK1000Ram Narayan Yadav
93399MIG2 BHK1000Preeti Singh
94397MIG2 BHK1000Arun Bhadauria
95395MIG2 BHK1000Anjali Mishra
96391MIG2 BHK1000Aradhana Bajpai
97389MIG2 BHK1000Anshu Shukla
98385MIG2 BHK1000Prince Patel
99382MIG2 BHK1000Monika Sahu
100380MIG2 BHK1000Satish Gupta

You are requested to provide us following list of documents so that we can go ahead and complete your KYC formalities.

  1. Duly signed & filled form.
  2. Two Passport size color photos.
  3. Self attested Address & ID proof copy.
  4. Self attested Pan Card copy
  5. Proof of Allotment Amount Submission.
  1. PLC charges will be applicable.
  2. We accept CBS/MICR Cheque/DD/Bank Transfer in favour of “ Abril Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Lucknow.

Abril Real Estate Pvt Ltd.

A/C No:- 15111100000205

IFSC Code:- PSIB0021511

Bank Name:- Punjab & Sindh Bank

Branch Name:- Sector 63, Noida, UP

  1. GST will be applicable on the above amount as per government norms.

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