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Sr. No.Order/Registration No.CategoryTypeSize Sq FtClint Name
11702MIGType 11250 Sq FtSanjay Tripathi
21709MIGType 11250 Sq FtShivam Rajput
31711MIGType 11250 Sq FtMahima Mishra
41715MIGType 11250 Sq FtPreeti Diwakar
51721MIGType 11250 Sq FtSupriya Agarwal
61746MIGType 11250 Sq FtPriya Dixit
71755MIGType 11250 Sq FtRimmi Pal
81723MIGType 11250 Sq FtIshita Singh
91745MIGType 11250 Sq FtPriyanka Shrivastava
101747MIGType 11250 Sq FtPreeti Dwivedi
111751MIGType 11250 Sq FtPritesh Singh
121749MIGType 11250 Sq FtPankaj Kumar
131757MIGType 11250 Sq FtNamita Pandey
141761MIGType 11250 Sq FtBabita Srivastava
151756MIGType 11250 Sq FtVandana Gupta
161764MIGType 11250 Sq FtNishi Jaiswal
171770MIGType 11250 Sq FtAyushi Singh
181766MIGType 11250 Sq FtAlka Singh
191771MIGType 11250 Sq FtDipti Naval
201775MIGType 11250 Sq FtBimla Srivastava
211777MIGType 11250 Sq FtRani Gupta
221779MIGType 11250 Sq FtMalvika Pandey
231803MIGType 11250 Sq FtRagini Shukla
241805MIGType 11250 Sq FtRani Bhatnagar
251821MIGType 11250 Sq FtVivek Pandey
261834MIGType 11250 Sq FtRam kishor Sharma
271825MIGType 11250 Sq FtDivya Singh
281831MIGType 11250 Sq FtNeha Abrol
291840MIGType 11250 Sq FtShivanshi Tiwari
301846MIGType 11250 Sq FtRitesh Srivastava
311849MIGType 11250 Sq FtAtul Kumar Srivastava
321851MIGType 11250 Sq FtAwdheshYadav
331854MIGType 11250 Sq FtKrishna Kesarwani
341855MIGType 11250 Sq FtArun Chaturvedi
351857MIGType 11250 Sq FtSantosh Kumar Gupta
361859MIGType 11250 Sq FtAnubha Shukla
371860MIGType 11250 Sq FtShivani Rathore
381862MIGType 11250 Sq FtMeera Pandey
391869MIGType 11250 Sq FtNeelam Kumari
401880MIGType 11250 Sq FtRashmi Devi
411896MIGType 11250 Sq FtKartik Sharma
421897MIGType 11250 Sq FtShashi Prabha
431899MIGType 11250 Sq FtSarita Trivedi
441900MIGType 11250 Sq FtManupal Singh
451901MIGType 11250 Sq FtShailendra Jaiswal
461902MIGType 11250 Sq FtDivya Chaudhari
471903MIGType 11250 Sq FtUrmila Yadav
481904MIGType 11250 Sq FtPiyush Sharma
491906MIGType 11250 Sq FtSaumya Dwivedi
501907MIGType 11250 Sq FtDeep Singh
511908MIGType 11250 Sq FtNoori Parveen
521909MIGType 11250 Sq FtAnkur Singh
531910MIGType 11250 Sq FtFarida Begum
541913MIGType 11250 Sq FtNidhi Agarwal
551914MIGType 11250 Sq FtGarima Mishra
561915MIGType 11250 Sq FtHemant Mishra
571918MIGType 11250 Sq FtManjari Rai
581919MIGType 11250 Sq FtParatibha Gupta
591922MIGType 11250 Sq FtRitu Srivastava
601929MIGType 11250 Sq FtManpreet Kaur
611932MIGType 11250 Sq FtShraddha Singh
621787MIGType 21806 Sq FtGargee Singh
631785MIGType 21806 Sq FtRajdeep Cahubey
641801MIGType 21806 Sq FtRekha Rani
651822MIGType 21806 Sq FtPawan Mishra
661819MIGType 21806 Sq FtRavi Singh
671811MIGType 21806 Sq FtRohit Tegriwal
681808MIGType 21806 Sq FtAnoop Kumar Maurya
691827MIGType 21806 Sq FtVaishnavi Singh
701833MIGType 21806 Sq FtPawan Kumar
711836MIGType 21806 Sq FtDolly
721829MIGType 21806 Sq FtPrashant Dubey
731831MIGType 21806 Sq FtAjay Kumar Mishra
741853MIGType 21806 Sq FtDharm Wati
751856MIGType 21806 Sq FtAjay Saxena
761860MIGType 21806 Sq FtTanvi Nagpal
771869MIGType 21806 Sq FtMd Wasim
781874MIGType 21806 Sq FtVikas Pandey
791877MIGType 21806 Sq FtPinku Swain
801879MIGType 21806 Sq FtNaveen Kumar
811883MIGType 21806 Sq Ftyogita Saini
821884MIGType 21806 Sq FtRajesh Kumar
831887MIGType 21806 Sq FtSoni Kumari
841826MIGType 21806 Sq FtJitendra Kumar
851835MIGType 21806 Sq FtSumit Rathor
861844MIGType 21806 Sq FtShivam Saxena
871849MIGType 21806 Sq FtDiwakar Ray
881871MIGType 21806 Sq FtMamta Thakur
891861MIGType 21806 Sq FtNeha Sharma
901880MIGType 21806 Sq FtDeepak kumar Tiwari
911882MIGType 21806 Sq FtSoni Singh
921919MIGType 21806 Sq FtRam Narayan Yadav
931719MIGType 21806 Sq FtPreeti Singh
941921MIGType 21806 Sq FtArun Bhadauria
951836MIGType 21806 Sq FtAnjali Mishra
961866MIGType 21806 Sq FtAradhana Bajpai
971771MIGType 21806 Sq FtAnshu Shukla
981721MIGType 21806 Sq FtPrince Patel
991734MIGType 21806 Sq FtMonika Sahu
1001733MIGType 21806 Sq FtSatish Gupta
1011746MIGType 21806 Sq FtVishal Srivastav
1021751MIGType 21806 Sq FtManish Kumar
1031792MIGType 21806 Sq FtShah Azim
1041793MIGType 21806 Sq Ftekta Garg
1051711MIGType 21806 Sq FtAtik ahmad
1061716MIGType 21806 Sq FtVirendra Kumar
1071702MIGType 21806 Sq FtTetari Devi
1081722MIGType 21806 Sq FtDavid Warner
1091777MIGType 21806 Sq FtBhupendra Pratap singh
1101788MIGType 21806 Sq FtIndrabhan Sharma
1111789MIGType 21806 Sq FtRavi Sharma
1121888MIGType 21806 Sq FtShravan Kumar Yadav
1131799MIGType 21806 Sq FtManoj Mishra
1141801MIGType 21806 Sq FtLaxmi Saxena
1151822MIGType 21806 Sq FtAbhishek Swami
1161805MIGType 21806 Sq FtKirshn Murty
1171813MIGType 21806 Sq FtAditya Jaiswal
1181819MIGType 21806 Sq FtRavi Kant Singh
1191850MIGType 21806 Sq FtGaurav Kumar
1201870MIGType 21806 Sq FtJeeta Bhawani garh
1211881HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtVinod Kumar
1221803HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSandeep Yadav
1231806HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtPramesh Mishra
1241809HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtNandkishor Yadav
1251811HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtRupesh Mali
1261823HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtRam Singh
1271833HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtRanjeet Singh
1281889HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAnshu Jain
1291710HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSuresh Chandra
1301892HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSandeep Sharma
1311898HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtVikram yadav
1321901HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAditya Pratap Singh
1331904HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtDinesh Kumar Singh
1341911HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAditya Awasthi
1351912HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtArunank Mishra
1361913HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtDilip Kumar
1371917HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtGaurav kumar Singh
1381919HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAnkit Singh
1391920HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAshraf Malik
1401923HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtGopal Yadav
1411924HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSunder Tripathi
1421925HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtRampratap Rai
1431931HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAnuruddh pratap
1441929HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAnuruddh Verma
1451935HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSharad Yadav
1461927HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtVandana Singh
1471935HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtYadvendra Singh
1481937HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtRashid Khan
1491938HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtPurnima vikas Jaiswal
1501940HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtManish Nigam
1511942HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtPradeep Maurya
1521945HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtIqbal Khan
1531946HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtPiyush Srivastava
1541948HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtMithilesh Mishra
1551950HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtAnup Kumar Sharma
1561947HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtPriyanka Dubey
1571953HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtBhavya Kapoor
1581957HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtImran Shaikh
1591955HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtGarima Joshi Tiwari
1601977HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtGurdeep Singh
1611965HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtVandana Yadav
1621987HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSanjay Yadav
1631989HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtDrTalaha Moh
1641966HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtShivam Tiwari
1651958HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSanjay Kushwaha
1661941HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtJeet Kumar Prajapati
1671972HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSurjit Singh
1681981HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtSaurabh Mishra
1691951HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtShushma Sodhiya
1701969HIGType 12152.80 Sq FtManmeet Singh
1711984HIGType 12152.80 Sq Ftankit Kumar Singh
1721939HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtPradeep Gupta
1731970HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtDheeraj Yadav
1741973HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtNaziya Parveen
1751961HIGType 22399.19 Sq Ftburhani Fakruddin Ansari
1761960HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRajendra Singh
1771979HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRobesh Sahetya
1781982HIGType 22399.19 Sq Ftajit Singh
1791953HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtHarshdeep Singh
1801955HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtDEEP PRAKASH PATEL
1811957HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAnand Kumar Mishra
1821976HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtShekhar Srivastav
1831987HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAzadar Husain
1841986HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtManish Verma
1851965HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtDheeraj Jaiswal
1861979HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtMangal Singh
1871944HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAlok Chandan
1881959HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRajni Singh
1891999HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRahul Gupta
1902000HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtLavekushChaudhary
1912010HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtUsman Ali
1922008HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtVijay Pahlajani
1932006HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtSunil Kumar Singh
1942012HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtVivek Pandey
1952005HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRavi Mishra
1962021HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtDharmendra Yadav
1972001HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtVijay Shukla
1982009HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtGovind Gupta
1992027HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtSANDEEP SINGH
2002022HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtTula Ram Mishra
2012007HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtPooja Tripathi
2022015HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtJai kumar
2032013HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAshish Singh
2042019HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtMukesh Kumar
2052013HIGType 22399.19 Sq Ftsyed Perwez Husain
2062003HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAdhyan Verma
2072011HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtShivam Katiyar
2082019HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtHeena Khan
2092008HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtEdwin Xavier
2102021HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtGaurav Srivastav
2112023HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtParvin Tiwari
2122028HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtGaurav kumar Agrahari
2132004HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtP Gyan Singh
2142029HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtVishal Gupta
2152017HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtRohit Kumar Kharwar
2162024HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtGanesh Pawar
2172020HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtKunwar Singh
2182030HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAshish Pratap Singh
2192033HIGType 22399.19 Sq Ftshiv Kumar Tiwari
2202031HIGType 22399.19 Sq FtAnandSwaroop Maurya

You are requested to provide us following list of documents so that we can go ahead and complete your KYC formalities.

  1. Duly signed & filled form.
  2. Two Passport size color photos.
  3. Self attested Address & ID proof copy.
  4. Self attested Pan Card copy
  5. Proof of Allotment Amount Submission.
  1. PLC charges will be applicable.
  2. We accept CBS/MICR Cheque/DD/Bank Transfer in favour of “Konarkshine Industries Pvt Ltd
    Col AC Konark Sun City P1 R-1
    ” Payable at Lucknow.

Name: “Konarkshine Industries Pvt Ltd Col AC Konark Sun City P1 R-1”

A/C No:- 41899650948

IFSC Code:- SBIN0004166

Bank Name:- State Bank Of India

Branch Name:- Commercial Branch, 6A, Way Road, Gokhale Marg, Lucknow.

  1. GST will be applicable on the above amount as per government norms.

Thanking You for continued patronage & assuring you of our best services all the time.